IOL Master

The IOL Master is a scanning device that is used to determine the power of an intraocular lens implant prior to cataract surgery.  This state-of-the-art laser system evaluates the length of the eye, surface curvature and anterior chamber depth with great accuracy.  With this information it then calculates the intraocular lens power. The information obtained from the IOL Master will allow Dr. Bozdech to replace the eye's natural lens with greatest precision possible on the market and greater chance of patient being able to see without glasses for the distance or near depending on patient's choice.  If one chooses distance vision then reading glasses will most likely still be needed.  Dr. Bozdech does not recommend multifocal lens as they are in his opinion associated with a degree of visual compromise and greater potential for patient dissatisfaction.
What other options are there to the IOL Master?  Traditionally some ophthalmologists still use ultrasound to accomplish same thing.  Ultrasound requires a placement of a probe onto ocular surface (touch the eye) and therefore is invasive and less accurate.  It can cause a corneal abrasion. Dr. Bozdech also has such a device but only uses it for special cases where cataracts are so dense that the laser light from IOL Master cannot accurately take the measurement.
So what are the advantage to this German technological marvel over conventional ultrasound?
1. Improved accuracy.
2. Noninvasiveness (no eye touching) for better patient comfort and experience.