Dr. Bozdech has 3 types of ocular ultrasounds in his office:

Axis A-scan which is used for measuring the size of eye balls with dense cataracts for the purpose of calculating the intraocular lens implant power needed for cataract surgery in order to attain reasonable postoperative spectacle independence.

Accutome B-scan is an instrument that allows Dr. Bozdech to evaluate intraocular and orbital structures when the view of the retina is obscured by blood or other media opacities. It can be useful in diagnosing and monitoring of intraocular tumors or other lesions.

UBM (ultrasound biomicroscopy) is a highly specialized ultrasound which allows evaluation of certain intraocular structures and their relationships with respect to each other.  For example this instrument allows more accurate diagnosis of angle closure glaucoma or predisposition for this blinding disease.  It is the only way to properly visualize and diagnose any lesions hiding immediately behind the iris.