Strabismus surgery is required when there is ocular misalignment such as crossing over of the eyes called esotropia or outward pointed eyes called exotropia.  When one eye is pointing up with respect to the other then that is called hypertropia. One may experience double vision when this occurs. In infants this is usually due to congenital abnormalities in the visual pathway or brain development and people sometimes refer to it as a lazy eye.  In adults there are many possible causes including stroke, inflammation, trauma and cancer to name a few.
To fix strabismus, surgery is sometimes used to realign the muscles that control the eye alignment and movement. The need for surgery depends on which way the eyes are turning, the severity of the turned or crossed eyes, and whether or not improvements can be made through glasses or vision therapy.
Dr. Bozdech performs these surgeries under general anesthesia and the surgery takes about 1 hour.  More complicated cases are generally referred to strabismus specialists in Calgary or Edmonton.